Sunday, September 17, 2006

Welcome back Mr. Cramer

Though "everyone on Earth" is saying that the homebuilding stocks are in the "house of pain," Cramer said he's been right on this sector from the beginning of "Mad Money," adding that he was one of the few housing bulls who accurately called the top.

Cramer said he went negative on housing last August, and "saved you a lot of downside."

"When it comes to housing, I've got housing cred," he said. "I told you that you should sell when people loved it. Now I'm telling you to buy."

The man knows what he is talking about. If he was anymore right he would be a piece of shit. Click on the heading for the blog to read the complete article.

the "upcoming" housing boom? the last 5 years wasn't good enough?
Hey, Dogcrap, as of today, Cramer is singing a completely different tune. Again.
Today Cramer said...

Cramer believes that the Fed's next move will be to cut rates, but even now people are still getting decent numbers from housing companies.

"The stock market doesn't look at the past, but looks at the future" he said. "In the future, housing stocks are going to get better."

On Thursday night, "the king of California homebuilding," KB Home (KBH - commentary - Cramer's Take), reported a "terrible number," but the stock is up, as is Lennar (LEN - commentary - Cramer's Take) and Toll Brothers (TOL - commentary - Cramer's Take), Cramer said.

"The market is forecasting better times ahead," he said.
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