Wednesday, March 08, 2006


mortgage rates have exploded on the opening week of march.

Lets hope the phrase in like a lion and out like a lamb holds true here

But I want rates to rise. Why would I hope for the opposite?
"mortgage rates have been steadily rising forthe past few months.


So what is so good about the news? We are back on track with clowns chasing their theories.
I'm glad I didn't write this.
When someone from Fox, CBS, CNBC, Associates Press, or Forbes reports that mortgage rates have been steadily rising - THEY ARE WRONG.

Reckless reporting by these news agency is unacceptable. A simple 3 minute search would have given them the truth.

I did not scream at anyone for predicting that March would have a violent up tick in mrtgage rates. THEY FALSELY PREDICATED THE PAST!!!! How can a professional report that has nothing to do all day but look up the facts be so wrong ALL THE TIME?

Simply no excuse for it...
You don't like my script that pushes your numbers?

(Safari open in tabs applescript at times of low bandwidth use)
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