Monday, January 02, 2006

My Sponsor - Rising Penny Stocks - is a POS

He is toting GTXC

GTXC can only be trading on the Pink sheets. Soon it will be gone off the face of the earth.

His add claims GTXC is a $5.00. His site claims GTCX is $7.00 stock

GTXC was recently added to the Pink Sheets. Let us watch and see where this $8.00 per share stock goes.

Maybe he knows it's heading to $7.00 on it's way to $1.00
Or maybe he is hoping it dives to $7.00 for a few minutes then pops back to $7.50. and this stock you lost $.71 he will claim was another succes story. Or if it falls to $6.00 he might try claiming he made 20% on a $5.00 pump. Who knows, who cares.

Their recommended brokers and the very brokers I am here to tell you are a POS company are:

Low Trades

With brick and mortor companies like Charles Schwab that will sell you 1,000 shares of a stock for about $13 a trade (even if it is a $50 housing stock), why on earth would you do buiness with a clown that does business with "Rising Penny Stocks"?

I don't control the ad google places. I just ask that they stop with the off topic advertisments of crap no sound mind would allow on their website.

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