Saturday, December 31, 2005

The Great Migration

I love this chart!!!!!

We all hear the talk about our booming real estate property values in the burbs.
Ever wonder why the burbs bloom to such heights?
Checkout the city population trend and see for yourself.
when the baby boomers were coming of the age to buy their first property a migration trend began that gutted the cities of it's people and real estate value.
Once they were done moving out, The city recovered by knocking down abandon houses and putting up new offices buildings and parks.
I do have a blog promoting Baltimore as a place to live. I believe it is a shelter of the storm that the burbs are about to get hit with.
The first baby boomers just hit 60. It's time for them to start moving again.
I believe Toll Brother, Beazer Homes and all the others will be ready for them with new homes out on the lake, the woods, the mountains, the golf resort, and so on.

It's coming.

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